Each year there will be two charity events highlighted. Books will be collected and distributed to these charities.


The first charity event for 2016 will be Storybook Project of Texas. You may donate to this charity now by purchasing a book for a child.


Storybook Project of Texas

Women’s Storybook Project of Texas is a volunteer program that started in Austin, Texas in 2003 and targets the children of women who are imprisoned at Gatesville and Plane/Henley prisons.  Books are sent to children throughout the country.  Statistics show that one out of every five children of incarcerated parents also end up in prison. The project strives to change this statistic by developing strong relationships between mothers and their children.


Volunteers travel to the state female prisons and record an offender (mom) while she reads a story. The mom also gives a short message to her child. The tape and the new book are then mailed to her child to help maintain the relationship while Mom is away.

Kat Pigott

Children's Book Author

* When you purchase for charity,

your books will be

mailed to The Story Book Project.


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